Hygienist Liverpool street – 3 key reasons to visit one

18th October 2019 | Blog

If you live in London and like to look after your teeth, then visiting a dental hygienist is essential. This should be done as well as regular check-ups with your dentist each year. Of course, we all know that the quality hygienists Liverpool street clinics contain can help to remove built-up plaque and tartar from […]

What causes bad breath – and when it’s time to visit a dental hygienist

17th October 2019 | Blog

No one wants to be that person with bad breath. It makes people not want to talk to you or be around you, plummeting your self-confidence. If you’re worried about your own breath, as a hygienist Moorgate-based, we are on hand to talk about the top reasons for bad breath and the solutions you need. […]

Chew on myths! Demystifying common falsities around preventative dentistry - Boston House Healthcare

Chew on myths! Demystifying common falsities around preventative dentistry

30th July 2019 | Blog

Despite the outstanding care that dentists provide when an issue arises with our teeth, many will agree that the best course of action to take to ensure a healthy mouth is actually preventative measures. This is an opinion we keenly uphold at Boston House, the dentists Liverpool Street locals rely on. Here are a few […]

how-to-know-whether-you-have-bad-breath - Boston House Healthcare LLP

How to know whether you have bad breath

19th June 2019 | Blog

Interestingly, most people may have chronic bad breath (halitosis) but are not aware of the problem due to a process called sensory adaptation. In other words, your brain becomes accustomed to your own odours and automatically filters out your bad breath as it considers it a non-threatening bad smell. However, bad breath is an embarrassing […]

how-to-whiten-teeth-in-the-safest-way - Boston House Healthcare LLP

How to whiten teeth in the safest way

14th June 2019 | Blog

Are you experiencing some tooth yellowing that makes you uncomfortable? Well, teeth stains and yellowing is now a ‘new normal’ in any social environment. Whether it’s due to damage, genetics, or surface stains, the fact is that over time, stains are bound to occur. Even with perfect dental hygiene, ageing causes the yellowing of teeth. […]

porcelain-or-composite-veneers - Boston House Healthcare LLP

Porcelain or Composite Veneers: Can They Give You The Perfect Smile?

4th June 2019 | Blog

Thanks to the continuous advancements in cosmetic dentistry, there are now several ways to restore your broken smile or achieve the pearly white teeth you always wanted. One of them is through porcelain or composite veneers. What Are Dental Veneers? Dental veneers, otherwise called porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates, are thin, custom-made shells that are […]

tooth-reshaping - Boston House Healthcare LLP

Tooth reshaping: the FAQ’s

4th June 2019 | Blog

This month we will be answering a few questions about teeth reshaping. Reshaping is chosen by many people to achieve a perfect smile,its a simple, low-cost way to help improve the appearance of your teeth. It’s available at all good dental practices, including  Boston Dental Care. What does teeth reshaping involve? Teeth reshaping is a […]

dental-treatments-that-can-enhance-the-appearance-of-your-teeth - Boston House Healthcare LLP

Dental Treatments That Can Enhance The Appearance Of Your Teeth

4th June 2019 | Blog

Your smile is a part of your identity and one of your most important assets. However, if you have chipped, stained or uneven teeth, you might feel hesitant to express your happiness in an outward fashion. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can enhance the appearance of your teeth and help transform your smile. Here are some dental […]

ways-to-ease-dental-braces-pain - Boston House Healthcare LLP

Ways To Ease Dental Braces Pain

4th June 2019 | Blog

Having braces can result in beautiful and straight teeth, but there’s no denying that wearing braces can be uncomfortable. People with braces can experience particular discomfort each time your orthodontist makes adjustments to the metal band that extends across your teeth. Just keep in mind that each adjustment is a step towards straighter teeth. If […]

tools-for-tooth-care - Boston House Healthcare LLP

How to avoid teeth staining

4th June 2019 | Blog

While teeth-whitening treatments have grown in popularity, they are not always effective or affordable for everyone, so below we offer a few tips that help to minimise staining to your teeth. Certain foods and drinks are more likely to stain teeth than others. Here are some of the chief offenders: • Coffee and tea • […]