Dental Fee Guide

GENERAL Dental fees                                                                               

New Patient Dental Examination with no X-Rays/ with small X-Rays £59/87      
Routine Dental Examination £55              
Emergency appointment £69              
Hygienist Visits (30 minutes) / (60 minutes) £65/ £120   
Hygienist Visit Direct Access (45 minutes) £95               
Intra-oral X-Ray- Each £14             
Crown or Bridge Per Unit: From £850             
Veneer per unit: From £495             
Inlay or Onlay per unit: From £495              
Natural tooth coloured restoration: From £90- £325     
Root canal treatment incisors From £390              
Root canal treatment premolars: From £490              
Root canal treatment molar: From £550             
Extractions: From £180             

Boston House Dental Clinic is a preferred dental provider in the City of London for both Denplan and Cigna dental corporate insurance policies.

Corporate Discounts of 20% are available on selected Boston House, Denplan and Cigna corporate Dental insurance policies and treatments (To learn more please contact us on 02076284869 or

special offers & free Consultations

Please see our Latest Offers page for current deals and free consultations.

These consultations are limited in scope and are not designed to remove the need for further in depth assessments and treatment planning. However we find they can at times be very useful to our patients.

Specialist dental fees

Endodontic Assessment + report £175
Periodontal Assessment + report £175
Prosthodontic Assessment + report £175
Orthodontic Assessment + report and OPG X-ray £175


Sinus Lift (unilateral open) from £1500
Bone Grafting from £450
Single Implant + Crown from £2800


Upper and Lower Fixed metal Braces: From £3400
Fixed Ceramic Braces (single arch / Both arches): From £3800/ £4000
Fixed Ceramic and metal Braces: From £3800
Invisalign lite (or single arch)/  Invisalign Full: From £2000/ £4000
Lingual Orthodontics  (upper and lower arch)/ Mixed lingual & Fixed: From £11,000/ £7500

orthodontic & Invisalign plans

Consultations available:

1-15 minute to discuss general process and possibilities                          Free

2- 30 to 60 minutes Consultation + written Report + OPG X-ray               £175

Payment Options and Discounts:

Option 1: 5% discount on full payment

Option 2: 30% deposit, followed by 10 equal monthly instalments

Option 3: Flexible Payment Plan – Allows you to take advantage of Interest free (0%) payment over 12 months.

Option 4: Flexible Payment Plan – Use a low interest bearing payment plan over 13 to 60 months (at 9.9% AER).

Options 3 and 4 are dependent on individual circumstances so please speak to us directly to get your estimate.

Treatment type Full price from Option 1:

Option 2:

Invisalign Full £4,000 £3,800 £280 (deposit £1200)
Invisalign® Lite £2,000 £1,900 £140 (deposit £600)
Ceramic upper & lower braces £4,000 £3,800 £280 (deposit £1200)
Upper Lingual & Lower Ceramic braces £7,500 £7,125 £525 (deposit £2,250)
Upper and Lower Lingual Braces £11,000 £10,450 £770 (deposit £3,300)


What is Included in the orthodontic price:

What’s included? What’s not included?
The price quoted is what you will be paying for your brace treatment and includes the supply of the agreed braces and all necessary adjustment appointments

Necessary X-rays including Dental Panoramic Tomogram (DPT)

Photos of your teeth

Orthodontic Emergency appointments during treatment (at the practice)

Fixed and Removable Retainers (Essix Type)

End of treatment Home Whitening

2 review appointments within the first year of finishing your orthodontic treatment

Additional benefits for your general dental care (see below)

Any other dental procedures including:

Vivera Retainers

Lost or Broken Appliances

Fillings & Dental Restorations

Tooth Extractions

Gum treatment and Hygienist appointments


Additional Benefits: Applies only on general dental treatment carried out at Boston House:

This is for patients who are having their orthodontic treatment at Boston House and require general dental treatment prior to or during their orthodontic therapy.

Full general dental examination + up to 2 small dental intra-oral x-rays- £40 (usual cost £83).

Premolar Orthodontic extractions at £150 per tooth (usual cost £250)

20% reduction in cost of all restorative work (fillings/ crowns/onlays/veneers).

20% reduction in cost of Hygiene visits.

Steps before starting Orthodontic treatment:

  1. You will need a Dental panoramic Tomogram (DPT) – This will help to assess pathology or periodontal condition, root size and morphology, existing restorations and possible dental decay.
  2. To ensure the long term success of orthodontic treatment you will need to be dentally fit. You are not dentally fit if you suffer from such conditions as gum disease, dental decay or have broken or inadequate restorations and fillings. If you have a regular dentist, the examination and any subsequent work can be carried out by them otherwise we can provide the required treatment at a reduced fee at Boston House.

Fees for all treatment are assessed on an individual basis; these fees are intended as a guide only