Has Your Tooth Filling Fallen Out? Here Are The Next Steps

A lost filling can be alarming. But don’t worry, broken fillings are common and can be fixed easily.

What should you do first?

Don’t panic. A broken filling is not an emergency, but it is important to get it checked out as soon as possible.

Contact your regular dentist to arrange an appointment to get your filling rectified. In the meantime, it’s important to take care of your teeth as an exposed tooth is susceptible to more damage

Find your lost filling

This can help your dentist identify why your filling fell out. And if you’ve lost a crown, your dentist may be able to simply cement this back on. But don’t worry if you can’t find the lost filling – your dentist can fit a new one. 

Be food smart 

Avoid chewing on that side of your mouth and eat soft foods until you can see the dentist. Hard foods can damage your tooth and make it more difficult for the filling to stay in place. 

Attentive brushing

Keep your exposed cavity as clean as possible to reduce the risk of further damage. Dental wax can be an effective, temporary shield for your decayed tooth – it’s available to purchase at most chemists or dental surgeries.

Another useful tip is to gargle with salt water to kill any harmful bacteria.

Why has this happened?

Fillings don’t last forever, especially amalgam fillings that consist of a metal mixture. 

General wear and tear is the main reason why fillings tend to come loose, as well as:

  • Chewing too hard
  • Teeth grinding
  • Tooth damage or trauma from an accident
  • New decay around the filling

Is it preventable?

Unfortunately, you can’t always prevent the loss of a filling, but you can reduce the likelihood of it happening.

Avoid sweets like toffee and very hard foods, and consider wearing a mouth guard at night if you grind your teeth. It’s also essential to visit your dentist and hygienist regularly and keep up a good oral health routine. 

If you’ve lost a filling, contact us at Boston House Dental Clinic to get the treatment your teeth deserve.