What causes bad breath – and when it’s time to visit a dental hygienist

No one wants to be that person with bad breath. It makes people not want to talk to you or be around you, plummeting your self-confidence.

If you’re worried about your own breath, as a hygienist Moorgate-based, we are on hand to talk about the top reasons for bad breath and the solutions you need.

1. Not brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth is essential to good dental hygiene Liverpool street dentists stress. They help get rid of any food or bacteria on your teeth at the end of every day, which reduces the risk of health problems like cavities or gingivitis.

Without it, bacteria and plaque can build up and emit a nasty smell from inside of your mouth.

The solution? Ensuring that you brush your teeth twice daily and stick to a great dental hygiene routine.

2. Smoking

Smoking has a detrimental effect on your health. As well as damaging your lungs, it can also yellow and damage your teeth, give you bad breath and make you more vulnerable to mouth cancer.

Try to kick the smoking habit to save your breath and improve your health.

3. Certain foods and drinks

There’s no denying that certain foods and drinks, like tuna, can give you bad breath.

These foods are fine in moderation and won’t have a lasting effect on your breath. But it’s always a good idea to chew some sugar-free gum after eating to get rid of the smell and help reduce the risk of erosion to the enamel of your teeth.

If you’re worried about bad breath, then now is a perfect time to book an appointment with your dental hygienist.

A hygienist Liverpool street-based can help advise you on how to keep your smile in tip-top condition, helping to protect your health and leave your breath smelling minty fresh.

Ready to let your smile shine? Book an appointment with a hygienist Moorgate residents love today.